{ In a king’s  kingdom  }

King :  where is my son ? Rajdarbari

Rajdarbari : my majesty ! your son has gone to his school today there is his open day in his school

King :oh! I  think he will get  90%

Rajdarbari : Ya ,  my majesty he will get it

{ the Queen enters the kingdom }

Guard  I : Queen had came from her hunting ! wake up

Guard III : Arey  ! let it be yar

{ Guard I calling the queen  to scare III guard }

Guard I : We are called in the kingdom .

{All of the members talking about the king’s son }

Queen : when is my son coming

{ King’s son entering }

King : My son ; how many marks you got ?

Son : Dad , I got 10 marks from 50.

King : Why so less marks ?

Son : Let it be dad ! I got a nice symbol  zero in it .

King : What zero !

Son : In Hindu when a person dies  he need to be ‘shun ya ’ . And 0 is also found in India  by “ ARYABHATT ”. Without zero math is very hard . you know that in Rajas than there is one temple where first zero was written .

Queen : Ha! I also heard about it

King :  Then , I think it was true .

Son :While they we calculating some numbers by keeping stone on the ground and when removing it there on the ground a circle shape is formed on the ground

King  : I didn’t  understand .

{ All of them entering the ground to show  it }

Son :  See dad ,i kept two rocks on the ground .

King : Ha !

Son  : Now ,I will pick this stone so a hole { shun ya }  is formed .

King : I am happy !! my son got a nice  number . Rajdarbari give all the villager’s a pack of  50 gold coins and invite then for the party .

{ Rajdarbari served all the people their coins and invited them for the party}