It was a very amazing experience. I had lot of fun but with that I also learnt new things. I learnt how to inflate and deflate the glider. When you are in air you feel like you are bird. There I made lots of friends. Everyone was elder to me but still they became my friends. It was a course of 4 days. In 4 days they taught me basic things about paragliding. Then they took my test to check if I was ready to fly or not. On second day I took my first flight. On second day my landing was very bad. Every morning we used to have a group discussion. In it our advanced pilots use to tell our mistakes and at the same time they use to motivate use. I learnt from my mistakes and on last day I landed and I was very happy that I started shouting. In those 4 days I enjoyed a lot. If I get a chance to go there again I will take my friends.