Jack was sitting in his tent, suddenly somebody said, “Hello” from outside. “Passport” stated Jack. Then the voice came back, “Summer Camp”. Jack commented, “come inside”. It was one of his friend, Ron. After some time Shaun also came. All three of them were sitting inside the tent. Shaun boasted,”Where is Niomi with her nasty dog?” And then Niomi’s dog barked from outside. Shaun was alarmed. Niomi entered the tent with her dog named Jimmy. She didn’t look furious but was looking elegant! all three boys were staring at her in amazement. Shaun was relieved when Niomi didn’t scolded him. he thought,’she would not had heard it’. Jack announced,”Guys we are here to think about our Summer Camp”. So please think about it. Everyone was preoccupied about Summer Camp. Niomi remarked,”we will do shopping everyday. Shaun whispered, “with this wretched dog, never. “SHUT UP”, replied Niomi.You are only a wicked guy. “Keep quiet and think about our plan”,said Jack. Then Ron declared,”It would be admirable if we go to an adventure in our forest”. Everyone appreciated it. And,then they crept to their homes and started packing their bags. Next day they tiptoed towards forest behind Ron’s house. As they entered in forest , They were sheltered with the bulky trees. They were strolling ahead and ahead , but they were also putting sign on trees with their markers. So,they can get home easily. Later, they were climbing on mountain. There was an enormous river.They decided that we will have a competition. Person who will swim till the end, he she will win. Ron was a champion in swimming. He had won many medals.When Jack was counting till three,
everyone was poised. Ron was self-assured that he will win this competition. But, something strange happened,everyone was shocked. Thing that happened was a guy who never loss any match was 1st runner-up. Winner was no one but Niomi’s dog JIMMY.
Everyone were fatigued through swimming. But Jimmy was still swimming. It was evening and then they started making their tent, food. After eating food they all slept in one tent. But suddenly at midnight Jimmy started barking. Everyone woke up and said what happened. Niomi and Shaun were aghast. They saw some shadow on the tent’s cloth of some people outside the tent. They all were peeking outside the tent and then they followed them. But, suddenly they were caught by people who were behind them. All four of them were taken somewhere. Jack was smart, he was throwing some large pins while they were going .
then they were tied in some house where it was darkness, and only one candle was burning.It was deserted. Only Jimmy was not tied. It was with one of the people of them. Jack saw that they were doing something with drugs. “They are ‘drugs dealers’,said Ron.
They all were uncomfortable because they were tied to each other and they cannot move. One man  came with Jimmy towards all 4 of them. He gave them food to eat and went. After he locked the door and he was putting that key in his pocket and it fell down. When Jimmy was free he went towards that door. After some try he jumped again and fixed that key and turned it.The door was opened. All 4 of them were staring anxiously at the door and they saw Jimmy coming. Jimmy was dashed towards them and opened the rope
tied to Jack.Jack replace himself keeping a jumbo doll kept aside and ran away with Jimmy. Jimmy and Jack was concerned about Ron, Shaun and Niomi. Jack saw utterly exhausted due to racing. Jack saw one part of wood on which both can sit. Jack bought that and settle down. Jimmy also sat on it,Because,It was slop , they were slipping down. Jack was changing direction with his hand. It was very painful. Jack’s hand were bleeding. At last they entered on road and went to police station, said everything to them. Police followed them towards forest. Person who gave food to them came again to take the dishes. When he entered inside, He picked up all 4 dishes but only 3 dishes were empty. He shouted,”WHO DIDN’T EAT THIS”. All three of them were shaken. Niomi was resentment of that because he started beating everyone. As he was beating to 4th kid,He saw that it was doll. That person was gazing at doll and was petrified. He shouted and called all of their people. As one of them raised his hand to hit, voice came,”HANDS UP”. All of them were alarmed. They were caught by police. Jack opened the ropes tied to his friend. Police tied that rope to “drug dealers”. Police exclaimed ,”These people are very dreadful people”. But you , you are courageous people. Jack said, jovially that,
if Jimmy was not there  it would hopeless. Niomi said to Shaun,”see  because of my nasty dog we are save now”. “You are a marvelous dog” replied Shaun. Everyone chuckled. All of them were relieved through this adventure. They went to their home cheerfully.