In the morning at 7:00 am we had to be there in school.we reached school n all the teachers took present and absent till 8:30

At 8:30 we were to go in bus we sat in bus in our bus Aarti miss was there actually there were many Aarti miss,Tate sir ,junait sir, when the bus started we all were shouting out loud that chaturshrungi mata ki jay…. then after crossing that area we requested teachers to play sairat(marathi)movies song then teacher played those picture’s songs the me ,prajakta,varsha,naina,shruti,sakshi thigale,chaitrali,shravani S shravani D,sadhana we all were one gang of dancing we all started to dance there was one song ZINGAAT of sairat then alll girls were so crazzy about that song bhaiya if u would have come na then u would say that these girls have gone really really mad shruti used to say always to play that song only Then I and sakhib had an shouting competition n do u know that i won then at 10:30 we reached that mountain we had to first make that plant stand straight which were bent and then put soil on its roots then all the teachers call for eating wadapav do u know that mustafa ate 6 wadapavs then we were again called for making a side hole near those plants so that the extra water would get into it then again after some time we were called to eat sabudana khichdi n vadapav n drink tea.then we were going to take one plant to plant it then in middle unmesha gave badwords to Tanvi Tadke related to her(tanvi) and junait sir then there were fightings between junait sir n also junait sir heard those things then bcause of her junait sir said very bad things related to tfi that tfi ne bacho ko bigada hai ,etc etc.then after that we(me and shrutika)planted 19 plants after that we were again called to eat lunch in lunch we got paneer bhaji,rumaal roti,rice,dal,gulab jamun after that we took many pic,selfies with Aarti miss n tate sir many people took our photos then we were said that we can play then varsha ,Tanishka,and I climbed mountain up n down after that we were to go at 3:15 sharp we again sat in bus the bus was moving side to side bcause of khaddas after we crossed that area then again we requested teachers to play song then after that we again danced alot we were teasing tenth girls n boys.we requested teachers to dance with us then teachers also danced after we leaved bus it started raining too hard so many people got slipped got factures mamta also got. Also we reached home at 4:30sharp