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Pradeep Kale

I am a


As a teacher the most important thing is to keep improving.As advise of bhaiya i started to make stop motion animation .Stop motion animation is a process in which you always learn from first video.
I don’t have and resource to do it bhaiya help me with it.Then finally start to make a stop motion animation.First few days i don’t have idea about what to make.Then i decided that with the charger and cell.I click many photos of it one by one.In this i take photos from various angles.I don’t stabilized the photos so it was so good.Then i decide to make a animation without changing the angle of camera and the back ground didn’t move a lot.It was also good because i tried it with a chain.This time it turned out to be a more nicer video.

Then finally i gave the camera to bhaiya and bhaiya converted it to a video.Then bhaiya found out the short coming of the animation.
On the vary next day bhaiya gave me a stand.Then bhaiya told me to do something with match stick and i and my friend sakhib.Finally i and my friend found out what to do.We created my name.It finished in an hour.Then we gave it to bhaiya and bhaiya converted it to a video.It was as better as bhaiya thought.Bhaiya then upload it to YouTube.


My name is Pradeep Kale.This I about the experience in my first mun of Pune.We prepared a lot before going to mun. On very first day we went there we were at the entrance of bishop school.We saw the crowd and hustle bustle of delegates.There were security we were helping us going on other side of road.We entered the gate and the security was checking every one bags.We were nervous because we thought that no parer were aloud there.The atmosphere around us was fell with English words. So to adjust  to the atmosphere we to start speaking in English so we were adjust to atmosphere. Then every one was checked and was sent to the inner part of the bishop school.

We were amazed that the school has 4 sections and it can hold more than 1179 delegate.Then every one was searching their committee .My committee was United Nations human right council(unhrc)and I was representing south Sudan.Shahid committee was at the ground floor and then we explorer other rooms.Every one got their committee room I was the last person among my friends to get the committee .Then we met last time before we prosied to our committee.Then announced was made that “delegates pleased move to your respected committee “then all our group moved to our committee.I was allotted corner row seat when and I dint know about my seat delegate I only know that he or she was from south Africa then a huge small beard boy came and asked me “is there south Africa card” I said “yes”then he “said please get up”i said”sure”then he sat beside me and I asked me him”are you first timer”he said”yes”in front of us was a folders and a water bottle.The folder had a zip and I opened it.The folder consist of a pen,ten sheets of papers,some cheats.Then our chair person and sectary came in we all wish them.


Then they introduced them to us and told how will committee  will posed for the day.They also tell about the motion,informal and formal debate etc.Then they told us how to speck from our country (for eg my country is south Sudan so I will speck  delegate of South Sudan)then our committee start.I was so scared so for some time I didn’t speck then the chair person then I introduced my country.Every one who had take part in a mun was specking. Then the rest class start speaking. Then the delegate of Yemen demanded for informal formal discussion then it was approved.Then our committee break started.I went out but there was no one who I know then from there Irfan came(my friend)then we posed to our lunch ground. Then after that our committee started our chair person and secretary we 10 minute late till that time we discussed about Paris attack that it was a genocide then our chair person came then with their help we posed to the conclusion that it was a part of genocide (crime against humanity)Then again we discus about what is genocide is we read the meaning of genocide by breaking down the each sentence.then high tea happen and last section happen and the day was end.

One another day they told us about what was to disuse through the day.I was more confident than the first day because i know what to do then we start our discussion every one was enjoining the session because the all know each other.On the first day no one know about my country problems.But in the last session i told the group about the problems in South Sudan and my group was interested  but when our chair person told us to make a resolution every one went to united states delegate because she was the most experiences in the committee. Then attention from my country move toward making a resolution but i understand i should include my country in the resolution. So to do this i told the united state delegate that “my country is facing genocide now and then so i need more peacekeepers and make this same demand to the security council”. Then the break happen and happen i met my friend Shahid and as his committee was late leaven so we roamed the school of the bishop. Then we ask everyone is this card yours everyone said no .The card was of my friend Shahid and we were fooling other.As my committee started again this time our Secretary directly started to disturbed certificate and he also told us to pass our country card every where because others delegate can write their felling blessing wises etc in it about them. So i also passed the card i also write on others people card .And at last we all stood on the benches to take photos. Our secretary and chair person toke the photos and a girl also toke a photos from her laptop. And we set out toward the hall where closing ceremonies was happening.Kashish Didi and all our Kilbil group started walking to the ground where the ceremony was taking place.When we reach there we started to wall in the hall the was very spacious and gigantic.When we entered there we saw all seat were empty and the set were getting crowded.Then we immediately started to go toward the seats where it was empty and sat down.Then the closing ceremony started.There were award and medals on the stages.Then the president of Pune mun.He told every one about his experience during this two days.As the secretory and chairperson of each committee has given the names of the people who where the best speakers of the committee.From our group we all know that the one who can win is Irfan because he had spoken most time compared to all of us. Ten finally no one of us won.Still we were happy and thrilled for our next mun because we at least got the idea of how mun happen.And we started to go to our home with our group.On the way to go out of the school we thanks everyone of the mun. Then Amit Bhaiya came there to pick us up.


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