Class of World Explorers


March 2016

Water Science Kit

We had reviewed Water Science Kit few days ago. These are the images of the kit.


These are the materials that came in the kit and that we used.

As you can see, there are various sands that purify water. There are also plastic tubes which hold the various sands.

This is how we prepared dirty water for purification.

Water Science (8)

This is how we assembled the tubes on top of each other.

You can see our experiments in the following 3 videos


As a teacher the most important thing is to keep improving.As advise of bhaiya i started to make stop motion animation .Stop motion animation is a process in which you always learn from first video.
I don’t have and resource to do it bhaiya help me with it.Then finally start to make a stop motion animation.First few days i don’t have idea about what to make.Then i decided that with the charger and cell.I click many photos of it one by one.In this i take photos from various angles.I don’t stabilized the photos so it was so good.Then i decide to make a animation without changing the angle of camera and the back ground didn’t move a lot.It was also good because i tried it with a chain.This time it turned out to be a more nicer video.

Then finally i gave the camera to bhaiya and bhaiya converted it to a video.Then bhaiya found out the short coming of the animation.
On the vary next day bhaiya gave me a stand.Then bhaiya told me to do something with match stick and i and my friend sakhib.Finally i and my friend found out what to do.We created my name.It finished in an hour.Then we gave it to bhaiya and bhaiya converted it to a video.It was as better as bhaiya thought.Bhaiya then upload it to YouTube.

A play about zero

{ In a king’s  kingdom  }

King :  where is my son ? Rajdarbari

Rajdarbari : my majesty ! your son has gone to his school today there is his open day in his school

King :oh! I  think he will get  90%

Rajdarbari : Ya ,  my majesty he will get it

{ the Queen enters the kingdom }

Guard  I : Queen had came from her hunting ! wake up

Guard III : Arey  ! let it be yar

{ Guard I calling the queen  to scare III guard }

Guard I : We are called in the kingdom .

{All of the members talking about the king’s son }

Queen : when is my son coming

{ King’s son entering }

King : My son ; how many marks you got ?

Son : Dad , I got 10 marks from 50.

King : Why so less marks ?

Son : Let it be dad ! I got a nice symbol  zero in it .

King : What zero !

Son : In Hindu when a person dies  he need to be ‘shun ya ’ . And 0 is also found in India  by “ ARYABHATT ”. Without zero math is very hard . you know that in Rajas than there is one temple where first zero was written .

Queen : Ha! I also heard about it

King :  Then , I think it was true .

Son :While they we calculating some numbers by keeping stone on the ground and when removing it there on the ground a circle shape is formed on the ground

King  : I didn’t  understand .

{ All of them entering the ground to show  it }

Son :  See dad ,i kept two rocks on the ground .

King : Ha !

Son  : Now ,I will pick this stone so a hole { shun ya }  is formed .

King : I am happy !! my son got a nice  number . Rajdarbari give all the villager’s a pack of  50 gold coins and invite then for the party .

{ Rajdarbari served all the people their coins and invited them for the party}

My family like a RULE BOOK!!!

MY  family in my life is like toy,a friend,a heart,etc for me. I’m very lucky that i got these many toy’s,friend,a precious hearts for  me.But, I’m very aggravated with my family because they talk less and teach me new-new rules every time everyday  whatever i do,is against their rule.There is no single day that i did not got punished or got scolded from my family members. I’m like a close butterfly in only single plant.

When i go with my friends anywhere the question every time is WHY,WHERE,WHEN WILL YOU BE BACK,YOUR AGE IS NOT THAT MUCH,etc.I understand that i haven’t seen the world before but its my life i want to live in my own style not every time but for some time.

Every time i walk with my friends putting hands on each other shoulders they say don’t do that if you do that your height will be block with his hand’s weight. Drink water slowly and sit down, don’t watch T.V,don’t eat junk food, don’t take more than 50RS from parent, don’t make habit of pocket money, only eat vegetable because it is good for health, drink  full glass of milk per day, etc.

There was a day when my all family use to play, eat,talk, laugh, be with each other. Knowledge is a key to SUCCESS, but I say hobby and passion is SUCCESS!!!

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