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Dheeraj Mewada

I am fan of TFI.

The mystery of the haunted house

it was a hot April morning . i was coming back from my classes when i passed by this old house which people in my area said was , ‘haunted’ apparently , weird noises could be heard during the night from the houses.
and i had to go in there.why? because i had lost a bet .i was very scared of
spooky places but they threw my limited edition football autographed
by Messi in there! had no choice but to enter the house! so,i went there and guess what i saw! a mouse and a cat fighting

Kya khub likha hai kisi ne

Kya khub likha hai kisi ne
Baksh deta he khuda unko
Jinki niyat kharab nahi hoti
Par vo har baar nahi bakshe jate
Jinki kismat kharab hai hoti
Gajab ki ekta dekhi insano ke zamane mai
Murdo ko uthane mai aur jindo ko jaghdo mein girane mein
Bas haste khelte baate karte raho
Yaaro kya pata konsi raat akhari hogi
konsi baat akhari hogi

(Inspired by a WhatsApp forward)


TFI Song

TFI song [Teach For India]
Aao chalo sikhe
Education & studies
Ye hai TFI ki team
We will take our India
Higher and feel proud to our Indians

Ye hai TFI ki best team
Jis ne bacho ko padaya
Jis ne unhe kuch na kuch banaya
Inki master Shaheen Mistri
2015-07-24 11.33.10

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