I got a laptop almost 2 years back, since I was low on budget I bought a fairly cheap laptop (everyone’s first laptop is a low end one). It came with a 1 TB hard drive with was slow as hell! My laptop took nearly two-and-a-half minutes to just startup! Yes two-and-a-half minutes! So then, I decided that it’s time and called the “solution baba” for help, aka, Anurag Chugh. I told him that I need a ssd for my laptop. So we decided what brand was good, what type would be good and most importantly which was worth the money. We finally bought the Crucial MX500 500GB version, which was a fair deal. Then bhaiya came to my house, opened my machine up and popped that ssd in. The difference is huge! Now my computer starts up in just 20 seconds! Thanks to 3D NAND technology and Anurag bhaiya my pc is now way more usable!