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Upgrading my laptop

I got a laptop almost 2 years back, since I was low on budget I bought a fairly cheap laptop (everyone’s first laptop is a low end one). It came with a 1 TB hard drive with was slow as hell! My laptop took nearly two-and-a-half minutes to just startup! Yes two-and-a-half minutes! So then, I decided that it’s time and called the “solution baba” for help, aka, Anurag Chugh. I told him that I need a ssd for my laptop. So we decided what brand was good, what type would be good and most importantly which was worth the money. We finally bought the Crucial MX500 500GB version, which was a fair deal. Then bhaiya came to my house, opened my machine up and popped that ssd in. The difference is huge! Now my computer starts up in just 20 seconds! Thanks to 3D NAND technology and Anurag bhaiya my pc is now way more usable!

My First Paragliding Experience with Temple Pilots

It was a very amazing experience. I had lot of fun but with that I also learnt new things. I learnt how to inflate and deflate the glider. When you are in air you feel like you are bird. There I made lots of friends. Everyone was elder to me but still they became my friends. It was a course of 4 days. In 4 days they taught me basic things about paragliding. Then they took my test to check if I was ready to fly or not. On second day I took my first flight. On second day my landing was very bad. Every morning we used to have a group discussion. In it our advanced pilots use to tell our mistakes and at the same time they use to motivate use. I learnt from my mistakes and on last day I landed and I was very happy that I started shouting. In those 4 days I enjoyed a lot. If I get a chance to go there again I will take my friends.



Sharing helps relieving our pain

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Part 1-the beginning
  3. Part 2-the conclusion
  4. Part 3-the end…….

FACT-you might face these questions before reading the essay. The 5 w’s:-

  • About whom and for what purpose is this story for?
  • Why is the writer writing this essay?
  • When did the writer write that?
  • Who is this person a girl or a boy?
  • {but don’t worry your questions will be answered…JJJJ}

Who is the writer?

Hello reader’s

I am Asha Rajgor and today I’m going to tell you about my struggle and experience of Sharing things with others to create love and compassion towards each others. this is a story from 2016-2017


Part 1 – My Journey

It was a really great morning.I used to follow my daily schedule like brusing teeth, having breakfast,and at 12:30 going to school as usual. It was 12:20 I was getting ready to go to school.After I reached school my sir named Anurag Chugh suddenly came and told me to wait after the school end’s.we usually used to call him bhaiya.He was and is my 2nd hero because he has done a really great work for us(students).he used to bring projector and in it we used to see English songs and we used to get taught by ppt’s.Today just because of him we are able to understand English songs like ‘hall of fame’,’demons’,’paradise’and many more.he just taught us for 2 years but he taught us so much that now we are speechless to describe him.really he is so incredible.he also taught us electronics .so this was about him. Now lets again get turned to the story.

we attended many lectures,free lectures and lunch and atlast at 5:30 our school ended.And I reached our computer lab as ordered by bhaiya.Bhaiya suddenly came with a bundles of papers and it contained all hardwords written by different teachers and bhaiya told me to type those words so that he can copy many papers filled with hardwords and hand it over to different classes students so that they can learn easily without completing anything.firstly bhaiya told me to call my parents by his phone and tell them that I’m going to be there in school with bhaiya to complete some school work.Anurag bhaiya was so cautious about letting parents know where their child is.I called my parents and asked for the permission.they both gave me permission.                                        (continued on next page)


Bhaiya at first gave me 4 sheets.2 of English and 2 of science to type in computer and then he would copy many sheets to distribute it to students. It were of different standards like 5th,6th,7th,8th,9th and 10th.Every sheets of different std contained hundreds of took me 2 hours to type 3 and a half sheets of 100 words each.i told bhaiya that I am done with almost 3 and a half sheet he was also busy in doing some other work.he suddenly looked at me and said “All done?” I answered” yes” he gave a big smile and told “I’m proud of you Asha”I was really happy to hear that. After that he left me at my home in his car. The next day again as per the everyday schedule and again I waited for typing but this time the typing work got a little harder.I was given a task of typing in hindi and Marathi alsothat day there were many students who were typing with me but I was the only one whom bhaiya thought that will be able to do.Firstly he taught me about how to write in hindi and then Marathi it took me almost a week to type hindi’s hardwords sheets for every std students bhaiya was super duper glad with my work. After that there were again many more sheets of Marathi it was the same format but the words were a little different, this time bhaiya told me to share this work with my classmates. My job was to teach others about typing different words and guide them about some errors while typing. After I taught them the work was distributed in 4 to 6 students everyone was given 2 sheets for typing on different computers.the work then was completed in one shot it took me 1 day for typing 2 sheets of Marathi and others took 2 day because it was newly introduced to them.

Part 2

After some days my grandma got sick I and my mom took her to the doctor the doctor said that she has got malaria “that’s good that you took her quick to me”the doctor said . she gave medicines and food schedule,etc.after that she asked my mom about does she knows typing or not because she needed a girl who can type in their clinic the job was only to type the receipt of the patients and maintain a file regarding it .my mom said no I can’t manage because I already go to a job.After some days I got sick and I visited the doctor and then she told me that your tonsils are really getting worst thatswhy your throat always pains.And then she asked me for the job.i was just not able to imagine that I would get a job of typing in a clinic.i was just amazed.After that I told  her that I can manage the weekend but I can manage 2 days and that are Saturday and Sunday. She said ok but it will be a lot of burden.Will you be able to handle it ? i answered yes . nd also let me ensure that from my parents she said yes . And I joyfully left from there and the first thing that I did was I called my dad even he agreed and gave me permission the next day I visited her again I said that yes my parents are comfortable with itJ I will come as a half day work on Saturday because of school and full day on Sunday.she agreed and then I asked about how much salary will you give me.Then she asked me how much do you want? I said 2000Rs she said nothing less? I said then 1800 is correct she said ok. You can join from next week onwards.I replied ok ma’am I joined the job on my first day I was taught how to fill up the receipt and save it in folder and keep records.I worked there for 3 months and earned 5400 Rs .I left the job because now its my tenth.

Part 3

After I learned typing in English,hindi and Marathi .bhaiya even taught me to write in Gujrati .There was chart of rating yourself by your habits and your bhaiya gave me a task of typing that chart in gujrati by the help of my mom I completed that task. bhaiya also gave me an idea of learning languages I even learned French and Spanish . I usually go to my village every year and there is one school I had visited there and interacted with students also I taught them karate and football.firstly I had asked for fees but then I taught them for free because their parents can’t afford it.There I created a football team . I had a goal to play match with them and which they would defeat me and make me proud and this did happen J.this year also I had visited my hometown kutch it is in Gujrat and I am kutchi.i visited the school again.this time my aim was to help them by sharing my story books and some English and mathematics tips books and the money that I had earned I bought some pens,erasers,sharpners,pencils and scale that means  that almost the whole compass box. I bought it and distributed to the students who were actually in need of it.everything in total cost 9000 my salary and my rakshabandhan money was spent into this but I was happy that I shared my happiness with others and made them happy and forgot all my circumstances and pain





PowerPoint: JSharing helps relieving our pain






By Asha Rajgor

If I am a girl Child

Then I shouldn’t get killed

Because I am also a human!


If I wasn’t a teenager girl

No one would flurt me


If I wasn’t to be a lady

Then I wouldn’t get married

And get shouting, beating and Children


If I wasn’t to be a Aunt

Then who would bring gifts

For her sister’s children


If I wasn’t to be a Grandmother

Then who would tell stories to their grandson or grand daughter


And because I am girl

I get Insulted because a small mistake



Our tree plantation picnic

In the morning at 7:00 am we had to be there in school.we reached school n all the teachers took present and absent till 8:30

At 8:30 we were to go in bus we sat in bus in our bus Aarti miss was there actually there were many Aarti miss,Tate sir ,junait sir, when the bus started we all were shouting out loud that chaturshrungi mata ki jay…. then after crossing that area we requested teachers to play sairat(marathi)movies song then teacher played those picture’s songs the me ,prajakta,varsha,naina,shruti,sakshi thigale,chaitrali,shravani S shravani D,sadhana we all were one gang of dancing we all started to dance there was one song ZINGAAT of sairat then alll girls were so crazzy about that song bhaiya if u would have come na then u would say that these girls have gone really really mad shruti used to say always to play that song only Then I and sakhib had an shouting competition n do u know that i won then at 10:30 we reached that mountain we had to first make that plant stand straight which were bent and then put soil on its roots then all the teachers call for eating wadapav do u know that mustafa ate 6 wadapavs then we were again called for making a side hole near those plants so that the extra water would get into it then again after some time we were called to eat sabudana khichdi n vadapav n drink tea.then we were going to take one plant to plant it then in middle unmesha gave badwords to Tanvi Tadke related to her(tanvi) and junait sir then there were fightings between junait sir n also junait sir heard those things then bcause of her junait sir said very bad things related to tfi that tfi ne bacho ko bigada hai ,etc etc.then after that we(me and shrutika)planted 19 plants after that we were again called to eat lunch in lunch we got paneer bhaji,rumaal roti,rice,dal,gulab jamun after that we took many pic,selfies with Aarti miss n tate sir many people took our photos then we were said that we can play then varsha ,Tanishka,and I climbed mountain up n down after that we were to go at 3:15 sharp we again sat in bus the bus was moving side to side bcause of khaddas after we crossed that area then again we requested teachers to play song then after that we again danced alot we were teasing tenth girls n boys.we requested teachers to dance with us then teachers also danced after we leaved bus it started raining too hard so many people got slipped got factures mamta also got. Also we reached home at 4:30sharp


Water Science Kit

We had reviewed Water Science Kit few days ago. These are the images of the kit.


These are the materials that came in the kit and that we used.

As you can see, there are various sands that purify water. There are also plastic tubes which hold the various sands.

This is how we prepared dirty water for purification.

Water Science (8)

This is how we assembled the tubes on top of each other.

You can see our experiments in the following 3 videos


As a teacher the most important thing is to keep improving.As advise of bhaiya i started to make stop motion animation .Stop motion animation is a process in which you always learn from first video.
I don’t have and resource to do it bhaiya help me with it.Then finally start to make a stop motion animation.First few days i don’t have idea about what to make.Then i decided that with the charger and cell.I click many photos of it one by one.In this i take photos from various angles.I don’t stabilized the photos so it was so good.Then i decide to make a animation without changing the angle of camera and the back ground didn’t move a lot.It was also good because i tried it with a chain.This time it turned out to be a more nicer video.

Then finally i gave the camera to bhaiya and bhaiya converted it to a video.Then bhaiya found out the short coming of the animation.
On the vary next day bhaiya gave me a stand.Then bhaiya told me to do something with match stick and i and my friend sakhib.Finally i and my friend found out what to do.We created my name.It finished in an hour.Then we gave it to bhaiya and bhaiya converted it to a video.It was as better as bhaiya thought.Bhaiya then upload it to YouTube.

A play about zero

{ In a king’s  kingdom  }

King :  where is my son ? Rajdarbari

Rajdarbari : my majesty ! your son has gone to his school today there is his open day in his school

King :oh! I  think he will get  90%

Rajdarbari : Ya ,  my majesty he will get it

{ the Queen enters the kingdom }

Guard  I : Queen had came from her hunting ! wake up

Guard III : Arey  ! let it be yar

{ Guard I calling the queen  to scare III guard }

Guard I : We are called in the kingdom .

{All of the members talking about the king’s son }

Queen : when is my son coming

{ King’s son entering }

King : My son ; how many marks you got ?

Son : Dad , I got 10 marks from 50.

King : Why so less marks ?

Son : Let it be dad ! I got a nice symbol  zero in it .

King : What zero !

Son : In Hindu when a person dies  he need to be ‘shun ya ’ . And 0 is also found in India  by “ ARYABHATT ”. Without zero math is very hard . you know that in Rajas than there is one temple where first zero was written .

Queen : Ha! I also heard about it

King :  Then , I think it was true .

Son :While they we calculating some numbers by keeping stone on the ground and when removing it there on the ground a circle shape is formed on the ground

King  : I didn’t  understand .

{ All of them entering the ground to show  it }

Son :  See dad ,i kept two rocks on the ground .

King : Ha !

Son  : Now ,I will pick this stone so a hole { shun ya }  is formed .

King : I am happy !! my son got a nice  number . Rajdarbari give all the villager’s a pack of  50 gold coins and invite then for the party .

{ Rajdarbari served all the people their coins and invited them for the party}

My family like a RULE BOOK!!!

MY  family in my life is like toy,a friend,a heart,etc for me. I’m very lucky that i got these many toy’s,friend,a precious hearts for  me.But, I’m very aggravated with my family because they talk less and teach me new-new rules every time everyday  whatever i do,is against their rule.There is no single day that i did not got punished or got scolded from my family members. I’m like a close butterfly in only single plant.

When i go with my friends anywhere the question every time is WHY,WHERE,WHEN WILL YOU BE BACK,YOUR AGE IS NOT THAT MUCH,etc.I understand that i haven’t seen the world before but its my life i want to live in my own style not every time but for some time.

Every time i walk with my friends putting hands on each other shoulders they say don’t do that if you do that your height will be block with his hand’s weight. Drink water slowly and sit down, don’t watch T.V,don’t eat junk food, don’t take more than 50RS from parent, don’t make habit of pocket money, only eat vegetable because it is good for health, drink  full glass of milk per day, etc.

There was a day when my all family use to play, eat,talk, laugh, be with each other. Knowledge is a key to SUCCESS, but I say hobby and passion is SUCCESS!!!

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