As a teacher the most important thing is to keep improving.As advise of bhaiya i started to make stop motion animation .Stop motion animation is a process in which you always learn from first video.
I don’t have and resource to do it bhaiya help me with it.Then finally start to make a stop motion animation.First few days i don’t have idea about what to make.Then i decided that with the charger and cell.I click many photos of it one by one.In this i take photos from various angles.I don’t stabilized the photos so it was so good.Then i decide to make a animation without changing the angle of camera and the back ground didn’t move a lot.It was also good because i tried it with a chain.This time it turned out to be a more nicer video.

Then finally i gave the camera to bhaiya and bhaiya converted it to a video.Then bhaiya found out the short coming of the animation.
On the vary next day bhaiya gave me a stand.Then bhaiya told me to do something with match stick and i and my friend sakhib.Finally i and my friend found out what to do.We created my name.It finished in an hour.Then we gave it to bhaiya and bhaiya converted it to a video.It was as better as bhaiya thought.Bhaiya then upload it to YouTube.