The days of ecstatic that will be,
The day of renaissance that I will see.
Those days which will have a affectionate glow,
Which will be a tremendous blow [to the world]

The other day…
When someone will say;
‘Slow and steady wins the race’
That answer will be to show
An enthusiastic case.
The world will be so much
Legal,that one day the
World will forget the
Meaning of illegal
The days that we Indians will serve, ,
That on the walls of everyone’s eyes
Our names will be carved.

Then no matter in which
Family we are born,
In the eyes of the world
It will be a scorn.

Then in those days the people
Will not jam the cinema halls,
The world will have the joy,
To be jammed in the joyous INDIAN’S calls.
There will be no sinners ,
No envious souls.
There will be heart digging ‘minners’ .
And the world will have so much tenderness
In the INDIANS’S simplicity’s bowls.

This is what INDIA says,
This is why it doesn’t lays
In the hands of sinner’s flakes.