The first time the baby has been seen in the hospital when all the family arrives to see it,the first letter from all family comes ‘my son/daughter will become famous this or that”,they don’t cares what he/she want to become in the future.when the baby gets at 3,4 years old the first step of the parent to put there child in nice school.and he,she has the tension about leaving mom and going to school.leaving his school and spend his time with strange person is very annoying a child always.

slowly-slowly the person gets into higher level his problem and tension gates more high.always the weaker persons problems be his marks saying his parent”you get this much marks i will give this,and if not I’ll bang you. his/her worlds biggest problem till his/her study don’t get over or till you die.when they see the toppers their mind think that what they eat,drink.where they go to if I’ll gets his/her mind or brain.what will i do to take a good marks.i want to prove to all my family.

what ever we drink,eat.whatever we joint the tuition,in exams all students wants to take good marks,but only toppers get good marks.why?😯IMG_0483