MY  family in my life is like toy,a friend,a heart,etc for me. I’m very lucky that i got these many toy’s,friend,a precious hearts for  me.But, I’m very aggravated with my family because they talk less and teach me new-new rules every time everyday  whatever i do,is against their rule.There is no single day that i did not got punished or got scolded from my family members. I’m like a close butterfly in only single plant.

When i go with my friends anywhere the question every time is WHY,WHERE,WHEN WILL YOU BE BACK,YOUR AGE IS NOT THAT MUCH,etc.I understand that i haven’t seen the world before but its my life i want to live in my own style not every time but for some time.

Every time i walk with my friends putting hands on each other shoulders they say don’t do that if you do that your height will be block with his hand’s weight. Drink water slowly and sit down, don’t watch T.V,don’t eat junk food, don’t take more than 50RS from parent, don’t make habit of pocket money, only eat vegetable because it is good for health, drink  full glass of milk per day, etc.

There was a day when my all family use to play, eat,talk, laugh, be with each other. Knowledge is a key to SUCCESS, but I say hobby and passion is SUCCESS!!!