Today as usually i got up from sleep. Brushed my teeth and went to play cricket i played one match and came back home and took bath. Everything was going as usual. Today was Sunday which was holiday of school. Every Sunday i go to  work on my uncles net cafe, so i went to work as usual in my routine of Sunday. my goes out for some work on every Sunday. I was Alone at shop i was getting bore while sitting so i search for action movie on YouTube i got one whose begging was good so i continued to see the movie .The movie name was heroes which was release in year 2008.By seeing that movie i understood that the people who act in movie are not the real heroes but the people who join army ,navy and air force and protect our country from our enemy are the real heroes .The story of movie is that tow guys have fail their exam so the principal tells them to make a movie that impress the principal to get their graduation complete and get their passing out result . They made a plane to make a movie on feeling of died army officer family and why should we not join Indian army. so they meat to their friends brother who use to take interviewees of army officer on border .Then he told them that i have three army officer letter who are died in battle you go and give the letter to their family and do your work too. While doing this work they learn that we should join army because if no one will join army who will protect the country. The other thing that they learn that we should respect our enemy because he his doing his job and we are doing our job .The two men tried to join army many time but they always got fail so they made a school where they started teaching student to join army.



indian army