India is located in Asia. It is a democratize country and good for education. Most famous historical places are located in India. It is a excited tarriest .places

Taj Mahal

It have many different caste people living together. India was under British rule from 1757 to 1947 after 150 years India got freedom.India was bank-court Indian leaders have lot of work to do now they were making our own consultant of India and they made it but as usual every person make a mistake they to made a mistake that they made different advantage for different people of different caste lower caste will get more advantage and high caste will get less facilities. All the high class people are not rice and all low class people are not poor and therefore our country is democratize all people are equal.This make student of high class do subside  because they study hard and get good marks but the marks needed for their caste his very high and does not get good collage because their marks are low then they should get. it does not mean that if i am in high class so my brain will be very bright government should understand that.

British Rule in India
Different religon in india

It troubles lots of middle class people in India .Secondly the Indian laws are very easy not very strike.There are many examples of this one of them is when someone break traffic rule he does not pay fine but give some money to traffic police and they live him.

Now talk about the life of middle class people in India .Which is a developing country .The income of middle class family of a month is average is 20000 of year 200000 out of 20000,18000 are spend in family matter after all they have only 2000 left at the end. But when the children of middle class people when grow up they have many big dreams to fulfill their dream but their parents does not have  that much money so they have to live collage and work ,do job as well as study or choose  any career path and some students parents sell their land and gold for the education of their child and government help very less or take loan. Many student get good marks in their exam but when they go for admission the collage ask for lot of donation. I have Example of this our neighbors daughter was very bright she got 85% in her 12th exam and her father want her to become doctor but when  they when for admission the collage ask for 2 lake of donation her does not have that much money so she left her study and started working at call center and government does not help her because her caste was open. This halfpence to many people in India and no one want to fight against it and does not have interest too.When a middle class man break a traffic rule police tell him to pay fine but any rich man break the rule police live him because he have connection with big leader and they can spend them or make fun of them in front of many rich people because of this idiotic rich people many police does not catch many criminal.This is the key thing that India is back. I hate this nonsense.

I want to say something. I request the  government and the citizen of India that stop this make and think that all people are equal and rules are same for everyone. Everyone are  born from  their  mother stomach and as well middle class people too born from there.Everyone have same things like eyes, nose,ears,hand,etc .We also have same things .There is no difference in any human being all are same and equal. All are born free, should stay free, and die free. Because of caste system and fighting within us had made India stay back then other country.