I am a river.I was born on a mountain.I have spent my childhood with the greenery around me.I play with the trees and flowers and went forward.After coming down from the mountain I went to an open ground.When I came in open ground my force started getting low and after a while it stopped. There are many villages and cities who settles there beside me.I give them water to drink.When I get fatigued I sat under a tree to est for sometime. From the old age time people uses water for drinking ,cooking etc.Even birds drinks my water.People and animals both are fond of me.One day I was absorbed in playing with my friends and suddenly floods started flowing and some villages beside me got caught inside my floods.I destroyed everything around me.I was hopeless after that incident.After a week there was a heavy rainfall. I was self-conscious about the floods in me.When I was continuing on my path heard the noise of floods.I was reluctant not to bring floods but their was a heavy rainfall on me that I could  not control myself only.After few weeks some engineer built dams on me.When they built the dam on me was uncomfortable but when I thought about the floods that came in me and destroyed everything then I got satisfied.The dam was being positive to people living there.After building dams people started coming at me.They use to pray me a lot everything.They use to cherish me.I had bond relationship with them.I was engrossed in people that I did not even know that how the day past.Now I am self-assured that because of me no one will get in problem.