When i first visited Bisleri factory, these are the following things that i had  observed.They took out the water from a bore well.
Then they put it in utility section and after that in a sand filter, in this the particles in the water are filtered. If any problem occurs to the machine, the alarm rings out and the people working there understand that there is any issue in it. After the filteration the clean water goes to the otherside while the dirty water on the otherside. The water that is contaminated is again put in the bore well.

There was a laboratory too. Firstly, the bottles are small in size but when the hot air is blown into it at a high pressure, the bottle  becomes as the size of a regular bottle. At last, the bottle is ready to be filled by water! When the bottles are ready with the water they are sent for inspection under some people’s observation. These people check out for the missed out parts of the bottle and thus are moved out of the other bottles.After all this process, the bottles are placed for labeling and fitting the caps. They also put the manufacturing date and expiry date, time, etc.Then they put it in a box and pack it. After all one machine cellotapes the boxes.

Additionally, it was an amazing journey which i had visited. So, i also made two friends, they were Sana and  Karan. Sana loves reading and likes black colour, TFI fellows. she herself is her best friend. Her favourite series is Chicken Soup. Her hobbies are dancing, MUNing, inspiring people by her thoughts, playing football. She likes all the subjects including Marathi and Hindi.She loves her classmates and her whole school. Her ambition is to be an Aero Space engineer,and is very friendly.

The other guy is Karan. He hates reading. but, he likes the novel,  Richy Dad and Poor Dad. He likes green colour as it is nature’s colour. His hobby is wrestling. He too like all subjects except Hindi and Marathi. His ambition is to become a  Software engineer. His friends are are more significant to him. He likes to join his friends on Facebook, What’s app, etc. He also likes dancing.

After all i am the shiest girl in 8 grade, I learnt how to be talkative.and its significance. I am thrilled to tell all of you that i enjoyed a  lot. I would like to recommend you all to visit this factory.