Load Ganesh is a god of hindu.Only one god in the world who have face of elephant is only load ganesh.He have many names like ganesh ,ganpathi, etc. One of his name is gajraj. Gaj means elephant in hindi language and raj means king,that means he his king of elephant.

Festival of Ganesha was firstly started in Maharashtra.This is festival was started by lokmanya tilak. He was freedom fighter in india.He started this festival around 1898 to 1905.He started this festival to make people united and bring them together to fight for the freedom of india.The fact of load ganesh is that he was not born he was not born he was created by godess prvathi wife of load shiva.

Ganesh festival is celebrated in pune.This festival is famous in pune and celebrated with love including children and other people .When lokmanya tilak use to celebrate this festival in one area there use to be one ganphathi and all people use to participate in it but now a days pepole have many ganphathi in one area and celebrate differently .On the first day of ganphathi pepole bring ganpathi with love respect, love and with lot of joy and bring ganphathi traditionaly. For ten days mandals have different activities for children ,dance and street play. Every day pepole make new sweets and bring fruites for prasad for ten days. The special sweets that ganphathi like are modak and lados people make at home. On third day there is arrival of godess Gauri the monther of ganphathi various dishes are made at home. On the third day arival of her she is emmeresd in water.

On tenth day ganphathi is emmersd in water with joy and some sadness. Sarvajanic mandals make traditional forms of decoration on trucks and other vechicls and enjoy themselves by dancing on DJ loud music through the way till the river.Ganesh visarjan takesh place for two days.

According to me there should be only one group which include everyone ,not many groups. Also celebrate eco friendly.