To explore something or to invent something is so interesting thing. Have you ever attempt to find such things? if not than let us do.
in this essay we will have a pleasure to explore on Moon as a space architecture to invent our own hotel.Does its title made you feel you enthusiastic?
If yes then let us do it in our real world, don’t imagine come let us see…
Today i was siting like this only suddenly one thought came in my mind if i was an architecture and if i had got an opportunity to go on moon and design
my own hotel then i will be so glad! Not just for my happiness but also my mom and dad will be so proud of me when they will see me on the moon.Then for a while i went to sleep. After sleeping i went in my future where i was going to office which was international space reserch. Their i was an architecture. My daily routine was going but suddenly one day my boss called me in his office. I was feeling very anxious,
because i thought why sir is calling me only? Then i went inh his office. he told to sit. Then we starte
d our conversation was done i was feeling little impossible as well as zealous! the conversation which i can’t tell to anyone before telling i have to form my group. After a week my group eas formed and now it is time to know my suspense which is full of puzzling, now we have to see how we complete our puzzle or weather we are unsuccessful and my suspense is that,”we are going on moon to make our own hotel!” Is so amazed thing. We have to focus on our work because after 1 month we have to take over.
2002, 25th april our rocket was take over and we were taking some information from Chandrayaan1 to complete our mission. On the way we had faced some problems but which is ok because while solving any issues their is difficulty to face. We reach on Moon. Then we started our mission step by step if one step is miss then our puzzle is failed. To make our work easy we did classification of certian materials. Their we have to put abudance of devices for our help. we have to explore space weathering process and certian main main points. Under space weathering process we have to see solar radiation. We have to serch for ice at the poles. Our main work was all most done and to take precaution. My mom came and broke my dream by telling,”wake up!” I was soannoyed because my mom broke my dream!
Then i thought it was not difficult at all but it was so puzzling and interesting to solve. Things are never difficult we make it complicated. Some one who attept to do something they never fail and feel more zealous to do any complicated mission…