Hello my name is Asha Rajgor.I am a 8th grader.so today me and my friends are here to tell you about TFI.So TFI is a non profit organisation.I am in touch with TEACH FOR INDIA from 3 years.TFI helps to improve the student’s skills.so if you don’t believe me i will give you my real life example And that is when i was a new comer in the school my reading and writing skills level was at 3.0 After knowing this I lost my HOPE but there was a persevering teacher named  SOUMYA BHAIYA.when he became our class teacher he just struggled alot for us he spend his money for bringing copies,bringing fast card for mousqitous.he started reading club,math club and he taught us about so many words or vocabulary.I just don’t have any word to describe such a good person.For me he is my hero so this is what i have learnt from soumya bhaiya.Now I am going to tell you about my 2nd hero.And My Second hero in my life is ANURAG BHAIYA.Anurag bhaiya too struggles for me because Maybe I must be his favourite student.But it dosen’t matter.So lets get to the point.so for me he did his extreme best for improving me and in self-control I was zero but now I am 5 in self-control and the main thing is that because of him I learnt FRENCH AND SPANISH LANGUAGE and the most important thing is that about Anurag bhaiya is that 1]HE gives us External Activities 2] teaches us everything in detail 3] teaches us english songs 4]gives us difficult sums to solve and then we become aryabhatt but not Alia bhatt.5] takes us to amazing places 6)solve our doubts and the thing which I have known from them is that they know about everything going on in the world and there are no question whose answers TFI don’t know.These TFI fellows are amazing because of them we are able to know everything I got Inspired from them I want to tell you that How I got Inspired.so for 1 week I went to Gujarat for some family issues.so one day I heard the prayer singing from a school I became jovial,elated,amused after  knowing that It was a school I fled and sprinted towards my grandfather to take the permission to go ther .then He stated as well as boasted that “yes my dear child I am giving you the permission to go there. After Hearing this I bolted towards the school. I came in the principal sirs office I again took the permission.He too! Said yes but he gave me the permission to go in one class only.He sat with the students to listen what I am going to say After Hearing my lecture and speech .He got so impressed And changed his mind and said that Now you Have to go in every class and teach everybody then after some time I got so absorbed and then I went into the classes and talked with the students .
And told about the problems going on in india .for example corruption,poverty,gender inequality,own toilets,child abuse,cleanliness and so in 5 days I taught them everything so this is what I did I used to write in English and then tell them the meaning in English as well Gujarati .and then there was girl named Vandana questioned questions me that whenever we tell her parents to do good things and not give bribe they don’t listen and tell us to be quiet in 0 second I give answer to her question and the answer was that  whenever we get first rank in class all the parents  praise that child like that only we should be the first to solve the problem this also shoulders about take the lead so whenever we will find a problem we should be the first to solve it Saint Kabir used to say that “sant nachade Santai je kotik mile asant chandan bhuvanga bethiya ,tau shitalta na tajanta.” actually it is a Doha and it means that if people  wretched people live people the good people can never become bad Sant Bihari  too one more Doha and that is “sangati sumati na pabahi pare kumati ke dhandh.rakho meli kapoor mein hing na hoth sugandh.” this is actually the opposite of the previous one if you will make the good people sit with the bad people.the bad people would just changed a little bit but not too much this is taught by our Hindi teacher named Maya Bhame. In the summer vacation TFI organised summer school in the summer school we learnt about kinetic force and static force and so on this was from science in English we learnt that about Malala Yousafzai in math we learnt about fraction I am a fortunate girl and I am proud of teach for India .East or West TFI is the best