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The mystery of the haunted house

it was a hot April morning . i was coming back from my classes when i passed by this old house which people in my area said was , ‘haunted’ apparently , weird noises could be heard during the night from the houses.
and i had to go in there.why? because i had lost a bet .i was very scared of
spooky places but they threw my limited edition football autographed
by Messi in there! had no choice but to enter the house! so,i went there and guess what i saw! a mouse and a cat fighting


  Everyone has a dream,I to has a dream and I want it be success and i will show and prove it to my parents.i want to see their smile and proud in them.i want to see saying them “I’m sajjad’s something’ that feeling will be very precious to me.its my passion,my life,my dream and i want to achieve it.ii want to go out country and show hole world,and make my name famous.

                I want to be a famous game maker in the world.i want to make a real life game and all world will play my game and i will be very rich.I WANT TO MAKE A REAL LIFE GAME WHICH CAN TAKE ANY ONES FACE,HE CAN DANCE,FIGHT,SING,DO WORK THAT AN HUMAN DO.




                           THAT IS MY WORLDS BIGGEST

                                             DREAM !!!


         The first time the baby has been seen in the hospital when all the family arrives to see it,the first letter from all family comes ‘my son/daughter will become famous this or that”,they don’t cares what he/she want to become in the future.when the baby gets at 3,4 years old the first step of the parent to put there child in nice school.and he,she has the tension about leaving mom and going to school.leaving his school and spend his time with strange person is very annoying a child always.

slowly-slowly the person gets into higher level his problem and tension gates more high.always the weaker persons problems be his marks saying his parent”you get this much marks i will give this,and if not I’ll bang you. his/her worlds biggest problem till his/her study don’t get over or till you die.when they see the toppers their mind think that what they eat,drink.where they go to if I’ll gets his/her mind or brain.what will i do to take a good marks.i want to prove to all my family.

what ever we drink,eat.whatever we joint the tuition,in exams all students wants to take good marks,but only toppers get good marks.why?😯IMG_0483

Kya khub likha hai kisi ne

Kya khub likha hai kisi ne
Baksh deta he khuda unko
Jinki niyat kharab nahi hoti
Par vo har baar nahi bakshe jate
Jinki kismat kharab hai hoti
Gajab ki ekta dekhi insano ke zamane mai
Murdo ko uthane mai aur jindo ko jaghdo mein girane mein
Bas haste khelte baate karte raho
Yaaro kya pata konsi raat akhari hogi
konsi baat akhari hogi

(Inspired by a WhatsApp forward)


TFI Song

TFI song [Teach For India]
Aao chalo sikhe
Education & studies
Ye hai TFI ki team
We will take our India
Higher and feel proud to our Indians

Ye hai TFI ki best team
Jis ne bacho ko padaya
Jis ne unhe kuch na kuch banaya
Inki master Shaheen Mistri
2015-07-24 11.33.10


Today as usually i got up from sleep. Brushed my teeth and went to play cricket i played one match and came back home and took bath. Everything was going as usual. Today was Sunday which was holiday of school. Every Sunday i go to  work on my uncles net cafe, so i went to work as usual in my routine of Sunday. my goes out for some work on every Sunday. I was Alone at shop i was getting bore while sitting so i search for action movie on YouTube i got one whose begging was good so i continued to see the movie .The movie name was heroes which was release in year 2008.By seeing that movie i understood that the people who act in movie are not the real heroes but the people who join army ,navy and air force and protect our country from our enemy are the real heroes .The story of movie is that tow guys have fail their exam so the principal tells them to make a movie that impress the principal to get their graduation complete and get their passing out result . They made a plane to make a movie on feeling of died army officer family and why should we not join Indian army. so they meat to their friends brother who use to take interviewees of army officer on border .Then he told them that i have three army officer letter who are died in battle you go and give the letter to their family and do your work too. While doing this work they learn that we should join army because if no one will join army who will protect the country. The other thing that they learn that we should respect our enemy because he his doing his job and we are doing our job .The two men tried to join army many time but they always got fail so they made a school where they started teaching student to join army.



indian army



India is located in Asia. It is a democratize country and good for education. Most famous historical places are located in India. It is a excited tarriest .places

Taj Mahal

It have many different caste people living together. India was under British rule from 1757 to 1947 after 150 years India got freedom.India was bank-court Indian leaders have lot of work to do now they were making our own consultant of India and they made it but as usual every person make a mistake they to made a mistake that they made different advantage for different people of different caste lower caste will get more advantage and high caste will get less facilities. All the high class people are not rice and all low class people are not poor and therefore our country is democratize all people are equal.This make student of high class do subside  because they study hard and get good marks but the marks needed for their caste his very high and does not get good collage because their marks are low then they should get. it does not mean that if i am in high class so my brain will be very bright government should understand that.

British Rule in India
Different religon in india

It troubles lots of middle class people in India .Secondly the Indian laws are very easy not very strike.There are many examples of this one of them is when someone break traffic rule he does not pay fine but give some money to traffic police and they live him.

Now talk about the life of middle class people in India .Which is a developing country .The income of middle class family of a month is average is 20000 of year 200000 out of 20000,18000 are spend in family matter after all they have only 2000 left at the end. But when the children of middle class people when grow up they have many big dreams to fulfill their dream but their parents does not have  that much money so they have to live collage and work ,do job as well as study or choose  any career path and some students parents sell their land and gold for the education of their child and government help very less or take loan. Many student get good marks in their exam but when they go for admission the collage ask for lot of donation. I have Example of this our neighbors daughter was very bright she got 85% in her 12th exam and her father want her to become doctor but when  they when for admission the collage ask for 2 lake of donation her does not have that much money so she left her study and started working at call center and government does not help her because her caste was open. This halfpence to many people in India and no one want to fight against it and does not have interest too.When a middle class man break a traffic rule police tell him to pay fine but any rich man break the rule police live him because he have connection with big leader and they can spend them or make fun of them in front of many rich people because of this idiotic rich people many police does not catch many criminal.This is the key thing that India is back. I hate this nonsense.

I want to say something. I request the  government and the citizen of India that stop this make and think that all people are equal and rules are same for everyone. Everyone are  born from  their  mother stomach and as well middle class people too born from there.Everyone have same things like eyes, nose,ears,hand,etc .We also have same things .There is no difference in any human being all are same and equal. All are born free, should stay free, and die free. Because of caste system and fighting within us had made India stay back then other country.






How TFI Changed my Life

Hello my name is Asha Rajgor.I am a 8th today me and my friends are here to tell you about TFI.So TFI is a non profit organisation.I am in touch with TEACH FOR INDIA from 3 years.TFI helps to improve the student’s if you don’t believe me i will give you my real life example And that is when i was a new comer in the school my reading and writing skills level was at 3.0 After knowing this I lost my HOPE but there was a persevering teacher named  SOUMYA BHAIYA.when he became our class teacher he just struggled alot for us he spend his money for bringing copies,bringing fast card for mousqitous.he started reading club,math club and he taught us about so many words or vocabulary.I just don’t have any word to describe such a good person.For me he is my hero so this is what i have learnt from soumya bhaiya.Now I am going to tell you about my 2nd hero.And My Second hero in my life is ANURAG BHAIYA.Anurag bhaiya too struggles for me because Maybe I must be his favourite student.But it dosen’t matter.So lets get to the for me he did his extreme best for improving me and in self-control I was zero but now I am 5 in self-control and the main thing is that because of him I learnt FRENCH AND SPANISH LANGUAGE and the most important thing is that about Anurag bhaiya is that 1]HE gives us External Activities 2] teaches us everything in detail 3] teaches us english songs 4]gives us difficult sums to solve and then we become aryabhatt but not Alia bhatt.5] takes us to amazing places 6)solve our doubts and the thing which I have known from them is that they know about everything going on in the world and there are no question whose answers TFI don’t know.These TFI fellows are amazing because of them we are able to know everything I got Inspired from them I want to tell you that How I got for 1 week I went to Gujarat for some family one day I heard the prayer singing from a school I became jovial,elated,amused after  knowing that It was a school I fled and sprinted towards my grandfather to take the permission to go ther .then He stated as well as boasted that “yes my dear child I am giving you the permission to go there. After Hearing this I bolted towards the school. I came in the principal sirs office I again took the permission.He too! Said yes but he gave me the permission to go in one class only.He sat with the students to listen what I am going to say After Hearing my lecture and speech .He got so impressed And changed his mind and said that Now you Have to go in every class and teach everybody then after some time I got so absorbed and then I went into the classes and talked with the students .
And told about the problems going on in india .for example corruption,poverty,gender inequality,own toilets,child abuse,cleanliness and so in 5 days I taught them everything so this is what I did I used to write in English and then tell them the meaning in English as well Gujarati .and then there was girl named Vandana questioned questions me that whenever we tell her parents to do good things and not give bribe they don’t listen and tell us to be quiet in 0 second I give answer to her question and the answer was that  whenever we get first rank in class all the parents  praise that child like that only we should be the first to solve the problem this also shoulders about take the lead so whenever we will find a problem we should be the first to solve it Saint Kabir used to say that “sant nachade Santai je kotik mile asant chandan bhuvanga bethiya ,tau shitalta na tajanta.” actually it is a Doha and it means that if people  wretched people live people the good people can never become bad Sant Bihari  too one more Doha and that is “sangati sumati na pabahi pare kumati ke dhandh.rakho meli kapoor mein hing na hoth sugandh.” this is actually the opposite of the previous one if you will make the good people sit with the bad people.the bad people would just changed a little bit but not too much this is taught by our Hindi teacher named Maya Bhame. In the summer vacation TFI organised summer school in the summer school we learnt about kinetic force and static force and so on this was from science in English we learnt that about Malala Yousafzai in math we learnt about fraction I am a fortunate girl and I am proud of teach for India .East or West TFI is the best


Hotel on Moon

To explore something or to invent something is so interesting thing. Have you ever attempt to find such things? if not than let us do.
in this essay we will have a pleasure to explore on Moon as a space architecture to invent our own hotel.Does its title made you feel you enthusiastic?
If yes then let us do it in our real world, don’t imagine come let us see…
Today i was siting like this only suddenly one thought came in my mind if i was an architecture and if i had got an opportunity to go on moon and design
my own hotel then i will be so glad! Not just for my happiness but also my mom and dad will be so proud of me when they will see me on the moon.Then for a while i went to sleep. After sleeping i went in my future where i was going to office which was international space reserch. Their i was an architecture. My daily routine was going but suddenly one day my boss called me in his office. I was feeling very anxious,
because i thought why sir is calling me only? Then i went inh his office. he told to sit. Then we starte
d our conversation was done i was feeling little impossible as well as zealous! the conversation which i can’t tell to anyone before telling i have to form my group. After a week my group eas formed and now it is time to know my suspense which is full of puzzling, now we have to see how we complete our puzzle or weather we are unsuccessful and my suspense is that,”we are going on moon to make our own hotel!” Is so amazed thing. We have to focus on our work because after 1 month we have to take over.
2002, 25th april our rocket was take over and we were taking some information from Chandrayaan1 to complete our mission. On the way we had faced some problems but which is ok because while solving any issues their is difficulty to face. We reach on Moon. Then we started our mission step by step if one step is miss then our puzzle is failed. To make our work easy we did classification of certian materials. Their we have to put abudance of devices for our help. we have to explore space weathering process and certian main main points. Under space weathering process we have to see solar radiation. We have to serch for ice at the poles. Our main work was all most done and to take precaution. My mom came and broke my dream by telling,”wake up!” I was soannoyed because my mom broke my dream!
Then i thought it was not difficult at all but it was so puzzling and interesting to solve. Things are never difficult we make it complicated. Some one who attept to do something they never fail and feel more zealous to do any complicated mission…


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