Class of World Explorers

Hotel on Moon

To explore something or to invent something is so interesting thing. Have you ever attempt to find such things? if not than let us do.
in this essay we will have a pleasure to explore on Moon as a space architecture to invent our own hotel.Does its title made you feel you enthusiastic?
If yes then let us do it in our real world, don’t imagine come let us see…
Today i was siting like this only suddenly one thought came in my mind if i was an architecture and if i had got an opportunity to go on moon and design
my own hotel then i will be so glad! Not just for my happiness but also my mom and dad will be so proud of me when they will see me on the moon.Then for a while i went to sleep. After sleeping i went in my future where i was going to office which was international space reserch. Their i was an architecture. My daily routine was going but suddenly one day my boss called me in his office. I was feeling very anxious,
because i thought why sir is calling me only? Then i went inh his office. he told to sit. Then we starte
d our conversation was done i was feeling little impossible as well as zealous! the conversation which i can’t tell to anyone before telling i have to form my group. After a week my group eas formed and now it is time to know my suspense which is full of puzzling, now we have to see how we complete our puzzle or weather we are unsuccessful and my suspense is that,”we are going on moon to make our own hotel!” Is so amazed thing. We have to focus on our work because after 1 month we have to take over.
2002, 25th april our rocket was take over and we were taking some information from Chandrayaan1 to complete our mission. On the way we had faced some problems but which is ok because while solving any issues their is difficulty to face. We reach on Moon. Then we started our mission step by step if one step is miss then our puzzle is failed. To make our work easy we did classification of certian materials. Their we have to put abudance of devices for our help. we have to explore space weathering process and certian main main points. Under space weathering process we have to see solar radiation. We have to serch for ice at the poles. Our main work was all most done and to take precaution. My mom came and broke my dream by telling,”wake up!” I was soannoyed because my mom broke my dream!
Then i thought it was not difficult at all but it was so puzzling and interesting to solve. Things are never difficult we make it complicated. Some one who attept to do something they never fail and feel more zealous to do any complicated mission…


Ganesh Festival In Pune

Load Ganesh is a god of hindu.Only one god in the world who have face of elephant is only load ganesh.He have many names like ganesh ,ganpathi, etc. One of his name is gajraj. Gaj means elephant in hindi language and raj means king,that means he his king of elephant.

Festival of Ganesha was firstly started in Maharashtra.This is festival was started by lokmanya tilak. He was freedom fighter in india.He started this festival around 1898 to 1905.He started this festival to make people united and bring them together to fight for the freedom of india.The fact of load ganesh is that he was not born he was not born he was created by godess prvathi wife of load shiva.

Ganesh festival is celebrated in pune.This festival is famous in pune and celebrated with love including children and other people .When lokmanya tilak use to celebrate this festival in one area there use to be one ganphathi and all people use to participate in it but now a days pepole have many ganphathi in one area and celebrate differently .On the first day of ganphathi pepole bring ganpathi with love respect, love and with lot of joy and bring ganphathi traditionaly. For ten days mandals have different activities for children ,dance and street play. Every day pepole make new sweets and bring fruites for prasad for ten days. The special sweets that ganphathi like are modak and lados people make at home. On third day there is arrival of godess Gauri the monther of ganphathi various dishes are made at home. On the third day arival of her she is emmeresd in water.

On tenth day ganphathi is emmersd in water with joy and some sadness. Sarvajanic mandals make traditional forms of decoration on trucks and other vechicls and enjoy themselves by dancing on DJ loud music through the way till the river.Ganesh visarjan takesh place for two days.

According to me there should be only one group which include everyone ,not many groups. Also celebrate eco friendly.



Trip to Bisleri – A Report

When i first visited Bisleri factory, these are the following things that i had  observed.They took out the water from a bore well.
Then they put it in utility section and after that in a sand filter, in this the particles in the water are filtered. If any problem occurs to the machine, the alarm rings out and the people working there understand that there is any issue in it. After the filteration the clean water goes to the otherside while the dirty water on the otherside. The water that is contaminated is again put in the bore well.

There was a laboratory too. Firstly, the bottles are small in size but when the hot air is blown into it at a high pressure, the bottle  becomes as the size of a regular bottle. At last, the bottle is ready to be filled by water! When the bottles are ready with the water they are sent for inspection under some people’s observation. These people check out for the missed out parts of the bottle and thus are moved out of the other bottles.After all this process, the bottles are placed for labeling and fitting the caps. They also put the manufacturing date and expiry date, time, etc.Then they put it in a box and pack it. After all one machine cellotapes the boxes.

Additionally, it was an amazing journey which i had visited. So, i also made two friends, they were Sana and  Karan. Sana loves reading and likes black colour, TFI fellows. she herself is her best friend. Her favourite series is Chicken Soup. Her hobbies are dancing, MUNing, inspiring people by her thoughts, playing football. She likes all the subjects including Marathi and Hindi.She loves her classmates and her whole school. Her ambition is to be an Aero Space engineer,and is very friendly.

The other guy is Karan. He hates reading. but, he likes the novel,  Richy Dad and Poor Dad. He likes green colour as it is nature’s colour. His hobby is wrestling. He too like all subjects except Hindi and Marathi. His ambition is to become a  Software engineer. His friends are are more significant to him. He likes to join his friends on Facebook, What’s app, etc. He also likes dancing.

After all i am the shiest girl in 8 grade, I learnt how to be talkative.and its significance. I am thrilled to tell all of you that i enjoyed a  lot. I would like to recommend you all to visit this factory.



Autobiography of a River

I am a river.I was born on a mountain.I have spent my childhood with the greenery around me.I play with the trees and flowers and went forward.After coming down from the mountain I went to an open ground.When I came in open ground my force started getting low and after a while it stopped. There are many villages and cities who settles there beside me.I give them water to drink.When I get fatigued I sat under a tree to est for sometime. From the old age time people uses water for drinking ,cooking etc.Even birds drinks my water.People and animals both are fond of me.One day I was absorbed in playing with my friends and suddenly floods started flowing and some villages beside me got caught inside my floods.I destroyed everything around me.I was hopeless after that incident.After a week there was a heavy rainfall. I was self-conscious about the floods in me.When I was continuing on my path heard the noise of floods.I was reluctant not to bring floods but their was a heavy rainfall on me that I could  not control myself only.After few weeks some engineer built dams on me.When they built the dam on me was uncomfortable but when I thought about the floods that came in me and destroyed everything then I got satisfied.The dam was being positive to people living there.After building dams people started coming at me.They use to pray me a lot everything.They use to cherish me.I had bond relationship with them.I was engrossed in people that I did not even know that how the day past.Now I am self-assured that because of me no one will get in problem.

My Perilous Dream

It was a stormy night .My 2 sisters and me went for a walk after my dinner.We took a small ball with us to train my little and sweet dog coco.Our parents were talking about how to save money.We all were enjoying.Suddenly our parents got lost.We started finding them. My pet coco found a smell which was not of a human.He followed the smell and we followed him.While following the smell he found a spaceship which was of alien.When we approached it the lights started shining and one of the alien came out with our parents.The alien was just to kill our parents.We requested not to kill them.They told OK but for one condition.We asked what is the condition.He told to help us to fight with a monster.First we said no but by looking at our parents we said yes.The alien kept our parents safely out of the spaceship door and it started flying.Our mother was anxious about us.After a while we were on their planet which was Jupiter.There was a huge castle in which aliens lived After entering the castle,I was shocked.Each and every alien was hectic in some work except for 2.The commander shouter on them and told not hesitate.They told us to rest for some time because we were fatigued.The next day they called us for breakfast.We got mingled in alien to help out them The commander told me that the monster is made of ice.I thought a lot but no idea came in my mind.Then one of my sister whose name was Sadhana told me that we can fight with the monster with acid .Then I got one plan.I shared my plan with commander and he told that these is outstanding.I was self assured about my plan.We made a puddle for the monster.After a week the monster returned.He was destroying everything that came in frount of him.Somehow I brought him near the puddle and 1000s of strong aliens pushed him in the puddle.The other group of aliens promptly put acid on him and he died.After finishing the monster i asked commander that why do you take me as a helper to you.He answered that you are bravehearted. Everyone was happy that the monster is died.We told the aliens that now that the monster is finished we want to go to our home.They told to close your eyes and say that there is no other place like house 3 times and you will be at your house.After opening my eyes I was in my home.Then I laughed on myself. Listening my sound my sister asked me what happened,then I told that I saw a perilous dream.


Courageous 4 + Dog

Jack was sitting in his tent, suddenly somebody said, “Hello” from outside. “Passport” stated Jack. Then the voice came back, “Summer Camp”. Jack commented, “come inside”. It was one of his friend, Ron. After some time Shaun also came. All three of them were sitting inside the tent. Shaun boasted,”Where is Niomi with her nasty dog?” And then Niomi’s dog barked from outside. Shaun was alarmed. Niomi entered the tent with her dog named Jimmy. She didn’t look furious but was looking elegant! all three boys were staring at her in amazement. Shaun was relieved when Niomi didn’t scolded him. he thought,’she would not had heard it’. Jack announced,”Guys we are here to think about our Summer Camp”. So please think about it. Everyone was preoccupied about Summer Camp. Niomi remarked,”we will do shopping everyday. Shaun whispered, “with this wretched dog, never. “SHUT UP”, replied Niomi.You are only a wicked guy. “Keep quiet and think about our plan”,said Jack. Then Ron declared,”It would be admirable if we go to an adventure in our forest”. Everyone appreciated it. And,then they crept to their homes and started packing their bags. Next day they tiptoed towards forest behind Ron’s house. As they entered in forest , They were sheltered with the bulky trees. They were strolling ahead and ahead , but they were also putting sign on trees with their markers. So,they can get home easily. Later, they were climbing on mountain. There was an enormous river.They decided that we will have a competition. Person who will swim till the end, he she will win. Ron was a champion in swimming. He had won many medals.When Jack was counting till three,
everyone was poised. Ron was self-assured that he will win this competition. But, something strange happened,everyone was shocked. Thing that happened was a guy who never loss any match was 1st runner-up. Winner was no one but Niomi’s dog JIMMY.
Everyone were fatigued through swimming. But Jimmy was still swimming. It was evening and then they started making their tent, food. After eating food they all slept in one tent. But suddenly at midnight Jimmy started barking. Everyone woke up and said what happened. Niomi and Shaun were aghast. They saw some shadow on the tent’s cloth of some people outside the tent. They all were peeking outside the tent and then they followed them. But, suddenly they were caught by people who were behind them. All four of them were taken somewhere. Jack was smart, he was throwing some large pins while they were going .
then they were tied in some house where it was darkness, and only one candle was burning.It was deserted. Only Jimmy was not tied. It was with one of the people of them. Jack saw that they were doing something with drugs. “They are ‘drugs dealers’,said Ron.
They all were uncomfortable because they were tied to each other and they cannot move. One man  came with Jimmy towards all 4 of them. He gave them food to eat and went. After he locked the door and he was putting that key in his pocket and it fell down. When Jimmy was free he went towards that door. After some try he jumped again and fixed that key and turned it.The door was opened. All 4 of them were staring anxiously at the door and they saw Jimmy coming. Jimmy was dashed towards them and opened the rope
tied to Jack.Jack replace himself keeping a jumbo doll kept aside and ran away with Jimmy. Jimmy and Jack was concerned about Ron, Shaun and Niomi. Jack saw utterly exhausted due to racing. Jack saw one part of wood on which both can sit. Jack bought that and settle down. Jimmy also sat on it,Because,It was slop , they were slipping down. Jack was changing direction with his hand. It was very painful. Jack’s hand were bleeding. At last they entered on road and went to police station, said everything to them. Police followed them towards forest. Person who gave food to them came again to take the dishes. When he entered inside, He picked up all 4 dishes but only 3 dishes were empty. He shouted,”WHO DIDN’T EAT THIS”. All three of them were shaken. Niomi was resentment of that because he started beating everyone. As he was beating to 4th kid,He saw that it was doll. That person was gazing at doll and was petrified. He shouted and called all of their people. As one of them raised his hand to hit, voice came,”HANDS UP”. All of them were alarmed. They were caught by police. Jack opened the ropes tied to his friend. Police tied that rope to “drug dealers”. Police exclaimed ,”These people are very dreadful people”. But you , you are courageous people. Jack said, jovially that,
if Jimmy was not there  it would hopeless. Niomi said to Shaun,”see  because of my nasty dog we are save now”. “You are a marvelous dog” replied Shaun. Everyone chuckled. All of them were relieved through this adventure. They went to their home cheerfully.

Those days

The days of ecstatic that will be,
The day of renaissance that I will see.
Those days which will have a affectionate glow,
Which will be a tremendous blow [to the world]

The other day…
When someone will say;
‘Slow and steady wins the race’
That answer will be to show
An enthusiastic case.
The world will be so much
Legal,that one day the
World will forget the
Meaning of illegal
The days that we Indians will serve, ,
That on the walls of everyone’s eyes
Our names will be carved.

Then no matter in which
Family we are born,
In the eyes of the world
It will be a scorn.

Then in those days the people
Will not jam the cinema halls,
The world will have the joy,
To be jammed in the joyous INDIAN’S calls.
There will be no sinners ,
No envious souls.
There will be heart digging ‘minners’ .
And the world will have so much tenderness
In the INDIANS’S simplicity’s bowls.

This is what INDIA says,
This is why it doesn’t lays
In the hands of sinner’s flakes.




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